Artist Statement 2018

I am an artisan, maker and crafter of textiles, garb and other material structures in which I can channel my pure expression. I engage shapes, color, and tactility as sensory stimuli in my work. I am guided by my ancestors, inspired by ancient and indigenous cultures, as well as modern art, and through my work I give thanks to our cosmic, spiritual and intelligent predecessors.

My passion is to create.




The center of my beliefs, which have the power and ability to fuel my creativity, often represents itself to be......

the anti-thesis of anglicized culture, which has been positioned as the face of American heritage within the States. I protest that concept naturally, preferring to give more attention to the often forgotten history, traditions and traits of our Aboriginal forefathers. I consider anglicized culture to be secular because it is posthumous. Secular when paralleled to Indigenous culture, a collective of varying heritages that have been notoriously mislabelled as primitive and savage by  European colonizers. I rebel their theory. Their primitive is my sacred and their sacred is my secular.

Instead, I opt for a solution within my work that can facilitate engagement and unity, while generating educational opportunities that will provide for a better understanding of our nation's complex history and heritage; something that is all inclusive

My aim is to create a dialogue within my work that will foster the potential to heal past wounds, expel old stereotypes and challenge social biases.

The purpose of my work:

to give homage, notice, appreciation and thanks to Aboriginal American and African culture 

to give inclusive notice to other Indigenous and tribal heritages (Asian, Australian, European, etc), and to be open to other ancestral input outside my own

to 're-write/right' history

to be inspired by ethnic and tribal culture, aesthetic and practices and explore those influences within my work, which is contemporary / modern

to educate myself and others about the indigenous and ancient communities and societies of the world, including their traditions and philosophies

to explore refinement in craft fabrication and other art practices without sacrifice of personal passion and philosophy

ultimately, to create and give immense thanks to my ancestral lineage


I have always been curious about the history / energy of the land in which I am honored to assign my nationality. I am proud to be born of East Tennessee, raised in Southern Virginia, and now a resident of North Georgia.

Final Thought:

I believe if we familiarize ourselves with our ancestors and their ancient wisdom, more readily, without judgement, we can attempt re-alignment. We can learn from their mistakes, we can re-write/right their wrongs, we can forgive their pasts, and we can make a diligent attempt at existing in the Universe in harmony and with true love and respect for one another.